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FTL episode 324 with Lennard Zinn on cycling gear essentials

Lennard Zinn’s Cycling Gear Essentials

Lennard Zinn shares his decades of experience to help cyclists of all levels navigate what gear they do and don’t need when starting a new cycling discipline.

Do All Athletes Need Regular Blood Testing?

Blood tests can help tell whether an athlete is overtrained or performing at their best, but is it a good idea for athletes to do regular testing? We discuss with Dr. Lauren Rudolph.

FTL Potluck episode 319

Do Cooldown Sessions Help or Hurt You?

It’s a given that after a race or workout you do a cooldown—but is there any evidence this actually helps? The science may say otherwise.

FT EP 310

Lessons Learned Trying to “Make It” as a Pro

Trying to go pro is one of the hardest things we can do. Jack Burke and Taylor Warren share what they’ve learned so far, and, surprisingly, what they’ve gleaned may apply to the rest of us, too.