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Cycling training is a science and an art. How endurance athletes train, when they train, and the intensity and duration of that training all affect the gains and adaptations they see. Proper interval execution is essential to see the expected progress. How you analyze and interpret all that data is equally valuable. Of course, training needs to be planned so it fits into any given season, race schedule, and lifestyle. Off the bike, the importance of strength and conditioning is often neglected. This is training. This process is what athletes live for.

Smiling mother and daughter duo looking at each other after going for a run.

How Parents Can Support Their Young Athletes

Understanding the roles you and your child’s coach have in their athletic development can foster a healthy relationship with sports and teach beneficial life skills to take into adulthood.


Coaching endurance athletes is an art, a science, and a craft. We offer this selection of coaching-related articles, videos, workshops, and guides to help coaches begin to explore the support available for coaches through Fast Talk Labs. Contact us with your questions, clarifications, or requests at

A coach looks at their stopwatch while their athlete does a ladder exercise in the background

Best Practices in Endurance Sport

Over a century of training and racing, coaches and athletes have continually experimented with the balance of volume and intensity. Today’s best practices look to maximize both a high volume of training and a small but potent dose of high-intensity work.

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The History of Run Training

The timely combination of running facilities and stopwatches gave running a leg up on other endurance sports, inviting more structured training and innovation.


Pathways™ are comprehensive guides to specific topics in endurance sports training from experts. Explore a Pathway to discover concepts, master skills, and solve problems. See how to use Pathways.

Cyclists using the polarized training method or 80/30 training

Polarized Training Pathway

In collaboration with Dr. Stephen Seiler, the “father of polarized training,” we have curated everything you need to know about the 80/20 training method.

Sports Psychology for Cyclists Pathway from Fast Talk Laboratories

Sport Psychology Pathway

The very best athletes are as strong mentally as they are physically. In the Sport Psychology Pathway from Fast Talk Labs, we explore how to build mental skills with experts like Dr. Simon Marshall, Julie Emmerman, Grant Holicky, Lesley Paterson, and Julie Young.

Advanced Performance Data Analysis

Advanced Performance Data Analysis Pathway

Learn advanced data analysis for cycling, triathlon, and running workouts and races. With new data analysis tools, you can make better decisions about your training.

Complete Guide to Indoor Cycling, Zwift, and Smart Trainers for Cycling and Spinning

Indoor Cycling Pathway

Used strategically, riding inside can be a beneficial way to keep motivation high, effectively add intensity, and stave off winter training doldrums. With the help of Joe Friel, Dr. Stephen Seiler, and others, we explore all aspects of indoor cycling.


Structured Workouts. Strength & Mobility. Core Exercises. Change up your workouts—and understand the how and why—with these Fast Talk Labs workouts. Our coaches and special guests share exercises and workout sessions to help you develop specific fitness adaptations.

Woman in workout gear running.

Workout of the Week: Tempo Run

Tempo runs aren’t the most glamorous of hard runs, but they’re critical to helping you run faster and stronger.


Humans aren't machines—we're much more complicated. Exercise physiology involves changes in the body from exercise and rest. From anaerobic threshold to environmental acclimatization, from FTP to PGC-1 alpha, we explore the science of human performance.

Composite image of 3 different points of a man running across salt flats

How to Analyze Running Form

Performing a gait analysis may be necessary to troubleshoot recurring injuries or improve run speed.

Sports Nutrition

Eating properly for the demands of endurance sports can be challenging. Without the right fuel, performance and recovery will be compromised. Learn how to master and implement a sports nutrition strategy that works for you, whether that’s during your workouts or races.

Fast Talk Podcast: Endurance Sports Training and Nutrition from Fast Talk Laboratories

Cutting-Edge Training, Workouts, and Physiology

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Improvement in Athlete's Lactate Profile

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The Craft of Coaching

The Craft of Coaching is Joe Friel’s ultimate guide to becoming a better, more successful, and happier coach. From the business of coaching to working with athletes of all abilities and ages, The Craft of Coaching can accelerate the art and craft of endurance coaching.

USA Cycling CEU Courses with Fast Talk Labs

8 CEUs Now Available for USA Cycling Coaches

Two new courses explore Coach-Athlete Communication and The Art & Science of Training Plan Creation with tips from 8 expert coaches. Each course is worth 4 credits for USA Cycling coaching license renewal. The online courses are available through our online education partner platform, etrainu.

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Leading Endurance Sports Experts

Dr. Stephen Seiler

Dr. Stephen Seiler

Professor in Sport Science, University of Agder

Dr. Stephen Seiler is an exercise physiologist and one of the world’s leading minds in the science of cycling.
Coach Joe Friel

Joe Friel

Cycling and Triathlon Coach and Creator of The Craft of Coaching

Joe Friel is the most trusted endurance sports coach in the world.
Trevor Connor

Trevor Connor

Cofounder, Chief Executive Officer, Cohost of Fast Talk, and Coach

Trevor Connor has 20 years experience in bike racing and has coached for U.S. and Canadian national performance centers and managed teams. He holds a master's in nutrition.
Dr. Stacy Sims

Dr. Stacy Sims

Physiologist, Nutritionist, and Author

Stacy T. Sims, MSC, PHD, is a world-renowned exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist
Julie Young, Sports Scientist and Cycling Coach

Julie Young

Cycling Coach and Contributor

Julie Young is a sports scientist, cycling coach, and former U.S. National Team member.
Cycling Coach Rob Pickels Forever Endurance

Rob Pickels

Cycling and Running Coach and Exercise Physiologist

Rob Pickels is Cohost of Fast Talk Podcast and was Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer at Fast Talk Laboratories.

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