Trevor Connor on the Training Science Podcast

Coach and Fast Talk Labs co-founder Trevor Connor explains the long-term effects of sugar intake on athlete performance with Dr. Paul Laursen.

Training Science Podcast title card.
Photo: Courtesy The Training Science Podcast

Dr. Paul Laursen is no stranger to the Fast Talk Labs family: Rob and Trevor recently geeked out on his HIIT research on the Fast Talk podcast, and he’s given his insights on ketone supplements, low-carbohydrate diets, and HIIT workouts.

Back in September, Trevor was a guest on Dr. Laursen’s own show, The Training Science Podcast (episode 80). They discussed sugar’s detrimental effects on the immune system, potentially leading to chronic diseases and negatively impacting performance. Also covered is Trevor’s story of how he shifted to a low-carb diet for performance, and dieting strategies to mitigate a-fib symptoms.

Listen to the episode today on the HIIT Science website, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.