Fast Talk Laboratories is a fast-growing endurance training knowledge base for cyclists, triathletes, runners, and coaches.

We tap the most engaging experts in sports, sport science, and related fields to share knowledge and experience with our members through comprehensive deep dives, online events, and a dynamic Forum and social community. Our members are part of a vibrant community of science-minded athletes, coaches, and experts who seek to know themselves, to know the science, to understand the why behind the how, and to get more out of endurance sports.

We are the home of The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel and a coaching development and education partner of USA Cycling.

Fast Talk Laboratories is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Our Origin Story

Fast Talk Labs has sprung from the dynamic community of listeners and guests of the Fast Talk podcast, originally hosted by Trevor Connor and Caley Fretz at VeloNews. Branching out from our popular podcast format, Fast Talk Labs taps the most engaging experts, coaches, and athletes in sport science to share their knowledge and experience with you through our sport science platform and community.

The Smartest Community

250+ episodes later—and now independent from VeloNews—Fast Talk has become one of the most popular podcasts in endurance sports with millions of listens and a guest list including the brightest minds in sports science like Dr. Stephen Seiler, Joe Friel, Dr. Iñigo San Millán, Dr. Andrew Pruitt, Dr. Allen Lim, Dr. Stephen Cheung, and dozens more.

In all of endurance sports, there’s no brighter place to be than Fast Talk Laboratories.

Meet Our Team

Trevor Connor

Cofounder, Chief Executive Officer, Cohost of Fast Talk, and Coach
Trevor Connor has 20 years experience in bike racing and has coached for U.S. and Canadian national performance centers and managed teams. He holds a master’s in nutrition.

Rob Pickels

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Product Officer / Exercise Physiologist
Rob Pickels is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer at Fast Talk Laboratories. He is an exercise physiologist who has worked in product development for Pearl Izumi and at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and the University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center.

Emma-Kate Lidbury

Content Strategist, Fast Talk Laboratories
Emma-Kate Lidbury, known to her friends, family, and colleagues as EK, joined Fast Talk Laboratories in June 2022 as Content Strategist. She is also a former pro triathlete with six Ironman 70.3 titles and two top-10 world championship finishes to her name.

Dr. Stephen Seiler

Professor in Sport Science, University of Agder
Dr. Stephen Seiler is an exercise physiologist and one of the world’s leading minds in the science of cycling.

Joe Friel

Cycling and Triathlon Coach and Creator of The Craft of Coaching
Joe Friel is the most trusted endurance sports coach in the world.

Dr. Andy Pruitt, EdD

Director of Sports Medicine
Andy Pruitt is an internationally known sports medicine expert, educator, scientist, and inventor.

Grant Holicky

Cycling and Triathlon Coach
Grant Holicky is a cycling and triathlon coach who has coached national and world champion athletes in cycling, swimming, and triathlon.

Chris Case

Founder of Alter Exploration and Cofounder of Fast Talk Labs
Chris is a lifelong endurance athlete, explorer, writer, and photographer. He founded Alter Exploration and cofounded Fast Talk Laboratories.

Ryan Kohler

Head Coach & Physiologist
Ryan is an exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist, USA Cycling Level 1 coach and certified skills instructor, and a USA Weightlifting certified strength training coach.

Julie Young

Cycling Coach and Contributor
Julie Young is a sports scientist, cycling coach, and former U.S. National Team member.

Dr. Stephen Cheung

Exercise Physiologist & Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Stephen Cheung is an exercise physiologist, cycling science author, and Professor & Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Kinesiology at Brock University.

Alan Couzens

Coach and Physiologist
Alan Couzens is the Head Coach, Physiologist, and owner of MAD Science Coaching.