About Fast Talk Laboratories

The science of fitter, faster, farther.

It’s your podium. We’re here to help you climb it. 

“Podium.” We put it in quotes because it can mean so many things. A personal best. A once-in-a-lifetime challenge. A race win. In any event, success takes a focused, science + athlete approach. That’s Fast Talk Labs.  

We question everything—and deliver answers you can put to work, now. So you can spend less time on trial and error—and more time on top of your own personal podium.  

Rob Pickels and Trevor Connor standing with bikes on gravel roads in front of Flatirons Boulder

Our Team of Experts

In all of endurance sports, there’s no brighter place to be than Fast Talk Laboratories. We tap the most engaging experts in the world of endurance sports, training, and sport science—coaches, researchers, and athletes. Our experts include Trevor Connor, Rob Pickels, Joe Friel, Dr. Stephen Seiler, and scores of guests from the Fast Talk podcast.

Our Partners

Fast Talk Laboratories is an official coaching development and education partner of USA Cycling. We are a partner of INSCYD, and we are seeking new partnership opportunities.