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The Fast Talk Podcast is focused on effective training, workouts, and nutrition.

Hosted by Chris Case and Trevor Connor, our guests are world-class, leading experts on endurance sports. Listen to the best training advice and insights on what it takes to become a better cyclist.

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Q&A on Travel and Training, CTL, Race Prep, and Big Gear LSD Rides, with Kendra Wenzel

Episode 174

Coach Kendra Wenzel helps us answer questions on balancing training and travel, final race prep, big gear work on LSD rides, pushing through or pulling the plug, and training races.

Is Weight Management as Simple As Calories In, Calories Out? With Dr. Timothy Noakes

Episode 173

For decades, weight management has relied on an assumption: that manipulating calorie intake will predict weight gain or loss. But does it actually work?

Sprinting, Overtraining Your Cells, Durability: Rob Pickels & Trevor Connor Nerd Out on Recent Research

Episode 172

Environmental Pollution, Health, and Performance, with Dr. Michael Koehle

Episode 171

Should we modify how, where, and when we train based on our potential exposure to pollutants?

Q&A on Returning from Injury, Weight Management, and Fast-Twitch Fibers, with Renee Eastman

Episode 170

With the help of CTS coach Renee Eastman, we field questions on injury, the power of consistency, weight vs. power, and fast-twitch fibers.

Should We Race by Numbers? With Dirk Friel

Episode 169

Should you pay attention to the numbers on your head unit while you're racing? If so, which ones, and when? We dive in with TrainingPeaks co-founder Dirk Friel.

How Much High-Intensity Training Do You Need?

Episode 168

High-intensity training offers many benefits. It also has limitations. We explore just how much HIT work you need to perform at your best.

How to Assess and Modify Training Mid-Season

Episode 167

Making a mid-season assessment of your training, and effectively modifying it (if needed), takes skill and confidence. We discuss how to do it, particularly when it comes to structure, recovery, limited time, and top-end form.

Effective Two-A-Day Workout Strategies, with Neal Henderson

Episode 166

Can cycling twice in one day produce the same benefits as one long ride? Do "two-a-days" yield adaptations you can't get any other way? We explore.

The Physiology of Race Season, with Dr. Iñigo San Millán

Episode 165

We explore the physiology of race season—how to find top-end fitness, how long it takes, and the best ways to do it.