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The Fast Talk Podcast is focused on effective training, workouts, and nutrition.

Hosted by Chris Case and Trevor Connor, our guests are world-class, leading experts on endurance sports. Listen to the best training advice and insights on what it takes to become a better cyclist.

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Forget Marginal Gains and Focus on the Fundamentals

Episode 153

In an age when athletes often focus on the specifics, we address the importance of focusing on the fundamentals: training, recovery, and functioning gear—the things that will bring you the greatest return for your investment of time, sweat, and energy.

Cardiovascular Drift, with Dr. Ed Coyle

Episode 146

Cardiovascular drift is an instability in heart rate and stroke volume over time. On the bike, we measure it by looking at a rise in heart rate relative to power. We dive in.

The Best of 2020

Episode 144

We bring you our favorite conversations with exceptional guests from the worlds of physiology, medicine, nutrition, sports psychology, and, of course, cycling.