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Change up your workouts–and understand the how and why–with these Fast Talk Labs workouts.

Our coaches and special guests share exercises and workout sessions to help you develop specific fitness adaptations.

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Workout of the Month: Tabata Intervals

Head Coach Ryan Kohler shows the right way to do a Tabata Intervals workout, based on the research of Dr. Izumi Tabata, and when to do Tabata workouts during your season.
Gravel Ride Workout

Workout of the Month: Gravel Ride

Coach Ryan Kohler explains the best way to improve durability so you can consistently and repeatedly ride a strong tempo.
Live workout pre-race warm-up

Structured Workout: Pre-Race Warm-Up

Coaches Trevor Connor and Ryan Kohler discuss the science of a pre-race warm-up routine and demonstrate how Trevor prepares for time trials.