Workout of the Week: Race Block Neuromuscular Session 

Maintain high-end fitness with super short sprints and long recoveries.

Cyclist riding down a road on a sunny day

Neuromuscular training can help increase wattage through optimizing muscle recruitment and improves pedaling economy on the bike for more efficient acceleration. I use this Race Block Neuromuscular Session in times when athletes need to blow out the cobwebs after some rest or sustain their top-end fitness without a huge contribution to chronic training load. By including very short sprints interspersed with long recovery periods, athletes can give maximum efforts and focus on muscle recruitment, peak power, and technique both in and out of season.

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Workout of the Week: Race Block Neuromuscular Session 


8 min. @ 85-95 rpm, ramping 55-70% FTP 

5 × 10 sec. sprints @ 130-150% FTP with 50 sec. rest between 50-55% FTP 

Main set 

3-4 sets: 

3 × 6 sec. @ 170%+ FTP  
2 min. rest between intervals @ 40-60% FTP  

5 min. set rest at 50-60% FTP 


5 min. ramping 60-50% FTP