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Ryan Kohler

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He was formerly the sports nutritionist and manager of the Sports Performance Department at the University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center.

Prior to that, he worked at the internationally renowned Boulder Center for Sports Medicine with Dr. Andy Pruitt and, before that, spent two years as manager of the BMC mountain bike development team. He also coached with USA Cycling’s junior MTB development program for eight years through regional, national, and international development camps and race camps.

Ryan has a passion for cycling and coaching, particularly in competitive mountain biking. He is a USA Cycling Level 1 coach and USA Cycling certified skills instructor.

Ryan holds a B.S. in exercise science, an M.S. in sports nutrition, and has been published in numerous scientific and popular media outlets. In addition to cycling, Ryan also enjoys telemark skiing and spending time with his wife and two sons.

Ryan appreciates most about sports science is how it gives the everyday athlete the same resources and expertise as elite athletes to be smarter about their training and achieve amazing results.

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