Dial in Your Race-Day Nutrition Plan for Lake City Alpine 50

Coach and sports nutritionist Ryan Kohler shares his sports nutrition guide for endurance mountain bike races.

Your training can go perfectly, your equipment can be tuned in and ready to go, but if there’s one aspect of performance you really don’t want to overlook, it’s your fueling and nutrition. Even the fittest, fastest athlete can struggle to reach the finish line if they don’t eat and drink enough—and at the right time.

With this in mind, we asked Ryan Kohler, our head coach and physiologist here at Fast Talk Labs, to guide us through the essentials when it comes to fueling for an endurance mountain biking event. And the real bonus? Kohler will be taking part in the event on August 27 and has already scouted the course so he knows exactly what to eat and drink—and when—based on key climbs and descents. Figuring out your own fueling strategy like this can really help you get the most from your race-day experience.

Check out the video above to find out more about this and what Kohler calls the three key nutrients for optimal performance: sugar/carbohydrate, sodium, and water. The full video transcript and references are below.

Video Transcript

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