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Nutrition Strategies

Nutrition is a critical component to performance and health. And when it comes to racing and training, the best endurance athletes understand that the right strategy—detailing the quantity and types of food that will best fuel your body for maximal performance—can make the difference between success and failure.

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First-person POV eating a banana on a bike ride

High Carbs for Big Adventures

For years we have been told to load up on carbs prior to an event, yet eat very little during competition. Recent research has shown that athletes can ingest more carbohydrate during training and competitions than previously thought.

Shirtless middle-aged man doing decline sit-ups

How Hormones Conspire to Store Fat 

As athletes get older, hormone levels shift, disrupting how the body manages glucose and insulin and inviting a slow creep of excess weight.

How to Estimate Serving Sizes

Sports nutritionist Ryan Kohler shares three fast, simple ways to estimate portion sizes without counting calories or using mobile apps.

Ideal Racing Weight Is a Delicate Balance

Seeking an “ideal racing weight” is a tactic many endurance athletes use to improve performance. Here’s how to find your fastest race weight—while avoid being too heavy or too light.