Finding the Balance Between Nutrition and Fueling

We discuss the difference between nutrition and fueling, and why focusing on performance versus health can lead to very different dietary choices.

Sports training and a healthy diet. Healthy nutrition for athletes. Sporting achievements. Supplements for athletes.

When it comes to what we eat and drink, we like to use a variety of terms like “diet”, “nutrition”, and “fueling”, although that last one might be particular to us athletes. Often, these are used interchangeably, leading us to believe that what is best for our performance is also best for our health. But that is not the case.

In today’s summary episode, we’re going to address why fueling and nutrition are actually two different things and why what may be best for us to perform during a race is the last thing we should be eating while sitting at the dinner table.

We’ll dive deep into several topic areas where the difference between fueling, and nutrition become very apparent. Should you eat or avoid carbohydrates? What about simple sugars? Should you focus on Foods or Macronutrients? Why nutrient density is so important, and then, finally we’ll sprinkle on a little bit about supplements.

Just like with all of our summary episodes, we’ll pull clips from many of our past episodes and guests. You’ll hear from top researchers, nutritionists, coaches, and athletes including Dr. John Hawley, Ted King, Joey Rosskopf, Phill Gaimon, Dr. Brian Carson, Dr. Asker Jeukendrup, Colby Pearce, Petr Vakoc, Dr. Timothy Noakes, Julie Young, Joe Friel, and Dr Stacy Simms.

So, grab your favorite gels, but maybe hold onto them until your workout, and let’s make you fast.

Episode Transcript

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