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Coaching endurance athletes is an art, a science, and a craft.

We offer this selection of coaching-related articles, videos, workshops, and guides to help coaches begin to explore the support available for coaches through Fast Talk Labs.

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A coach looks at their stopwatch while their athlete does a ladder exercise in the background

Best Practices in Endurance Sport

Over a century of training and racing, coaches and athletes have continually experimented with the balance of volume and intensity. Today’s best practices look to maximize both a high volume of training and a small but potent dose of high-intensity work.

Black and white image of runners straining to cross the finish line.

The History of Run Training

The timely combination of running facilities and stopwatches gave running a leg up on other endurance sports, inviting more structured training and innovation.

Historical black-and-white photo of cyclists racing around a velodrome

The History of Cycling Training

The early European cycling scene was convinced that more miles and more racing made champions. By the 1980s, a new generation of pros was redefining the goal and the roadmap to get there.

Black and white historical photos of cyclists racing on boneshaker bikes

The Evolution of Endurance Training

Coach Joe Friel recounts the relatively short history of endurance sports to identify the athletes and coaches that influenced how we train and race today.

Jim Rutberg standing in front of Pikes Peak with his bike.

What Coaches Can Do to Be Relevant in 10 Years

Over his long tenure at CTS, Jim Rutberg has seen the coaching profession evolve amid an ever-growing industry. He identifies best practices for coaches, individually and collectively.

Title card for gender inclusivity in coaching

Case Study: Gender Inclusivity in Coaching

Pro athlete Rach McBride and their coach Mateo Mercur discuss the importance of gender inclusivity when it comes to coaching, and how their relationship has been a source of support and inspiration.

Title card for Rach McBride on gender inclusivity in sport

Rach McBride on Gender Inclusivity in Sport

Rach McBride is the first openly gender nonbinary pro in triathlon. They share their experience navigating elite sports and look to a future where nonbinary athletes are included and celebrated everywhere.

Woman comparing a data set on her phone to her fitness watch.

A Primer in the Power of Data Analytics

By tapping into the power of data analytics coaches can make important decisions more quickly and better prepare athletes for the specific demands of any given race.