Coaching endurance athletes is an art, a science, and a craft.

We offer this selection of coaching-related articles, videos, workshops, and guides to help coaches begin to explore the support available for coaches through Fast Talk Labs.

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Christine in a race

How to Build a Beginner-Friendly Coaching Business

By coaching athletes of all levels and aspirations, Christine Schirtzinger has learned how to build a better business—and be a better coach. She sees the limitations in working solely with high-performance athletes.

Athlete Ability Doesn’t Change the Coaching Process

Coach Joe LoPresto has made a name for himself in Chicago’s triathlon scene by welcoming newcomers to the sport. Whether it’s the last person to cross the finish line or the ones standing on the podium, he believes they are more alike than different. The human desire to improve and grow is the focus of his coaching.
coaching different personalities

Coaching Different Personalities

How does an athlete’s personality affect how you write their training plans and give feedback? It can be far more varied than you might realize.
Cyclists using polarized training

Polarized Training Pathway

World-class athletes have proven just how effective low-intensity training can be when combined with a small (but mighty) dose of high-intensity work. In collaboration with Dr. Stephen Seiler, Fast Talk Labs has put together everything you need to know on the topic of polarized training.
Coach and athlete on a training ride.

6 // Managing Athlete Performance

As a coach, helping your athletes achieve their performance potential is an important task, but it's rarely an easy one. In Module 6 of The Craft of Coaching, Joe Friel, together with several top coaches, share their experience on every aspect of this journey to peak performance.