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Sports Nutrition

Eating properly for the demands of endurance sports can be challenging. Without the right fuel, performance and recovery will be compromised. Learn how to master and implement a sports nutrition strategy that works for you, whether that’s during your workouts or races.

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First-person POV eating a banana on a bike ride

High Carbs for Big Adventures

For years we have been told to load up on carbs prior to an event, yet eat very little during competition. Recent research has shown that athletes can ingest more carbohydrate during training and competitions than previously thought.

Shirtless middle-aged man doing decline sit-ups

How Hormones Conspire to Store Fat 

As athletes get older, hormone levels shift, disrupting how the body manages glucose and insulin and inviting a slow creep of excess weight.

Hot Cacao Cookies Birds Eye

Holiday Fuel On-the-Go: Hot Cacao Cookies

Looking to fuel your workouts a little differently at this time of year? Us too. In the first of our holiday fuel on-the-go recipes, we’ve got these tasty, nutrient-dense hot cacao cookies.