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Coaching endurance athletes is an art, a science, and a craft.

We offer this selection of coaching-related articles, videos, workshops, and guides to help coaches begin to explore the support available for coaches through Fast Talk Labs.

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Jim Rutberg standing in front of Pikes Peak with his bike.

What Coaches Can Do to Be Relevant in 10 Years

Over his long tenure at CTS, Jim Rutberg has seen the coaching profession evolve amid an ever-growing industry. He identifies best practices for coaches, individually and collectively.

Professional triathlete Skye Moench runs in a purple triathlon race suit during a triathlon race in a city park.

13 // Coaching Elite Athletes

As pro athletes redefine the limits of performance, coaches are continually refining their strategy and leading a collaborative effort.

Joe Friel kneels at the edge of an indoor pool to talk with an athlete in the water

Are You Ready to Step Up to Coaching Pros?

Supporting performance at the highest level will cost you time and money. Coach Joe Friel shares a balanced approach to the high-stakes game of working with pro athletes.

Endurance coach Philip Hatzis speaks with other coaches at an endurance sports coaching conference.

4 // The Business of Coaching

Find out how successful coaches navigated the challenges of getting started, becoming profitable, marketing for growth, and building a team into long-lasting businesses.

Coach Philip Hatzis coaching an athlete

Different Business Models for Coaching

Joe Friel explores the pros and cons of different options available to coaches, both online or face-to-face. Consider the quality of the service you deliver, the time investment, what it’s worth, and the level of expertise required.

Coach Philip Hatzis reviews a plan with another Tri Training Harder Coach

Build a Solid Platform for Growth

Coach Philip Hatzis is in the business of positioning coaches for growth, both professionally and financially. He describes the mindset that every coach needs to embrace before they can effectively grow their business.

Coach Philip Hatzis of Tri Training Harder

Coach Philip Hatzis: From Training Camps to Training Coaches

When and why did you start a coaching business?   I started the business in 2010 while at university. Initially, I was all set to go into the Army. However, Tri Training Harder took over. A couple of friends and I set up the business to get some work experience as we needed a summer internship […]

Title card for Making Money as a Coach

Making Money as a Coach

Gordo Byrn used his racing career to build a coaching business. It started as a side gig to cover his racing habit, but, like many coaches, eventually he had to figure out how to turn a profit . . . and fast. Coming from the world of finance, Gordo brings a unique perspective to the business of coaching.