Joe Friel Live Q&A: The Business of Coaching, Motivating Athletes, Training/Life Balance

Coaches ask their questions during this recording of a live Q&A with coach Joe Friel. This event covered many topics including the business of coaching, motivating athletes, helping athletes reach difficult goals, and how to help athletes balance life and training.

Topics Discussed in this Q&A

In this Live Q&A session, Coach Joe Friel met with a select group of coaches to discuss a wide variety of questions. Topics covered include:

  • tips on the business and legal side of coaching
  • supporting an athlete with challenging goals without discouraging them
  • how to attract new athletes
  • red flags when it comes to motivation and athletes
  • speaking to potential clients who are less intense and competitive cyclists
  • training for difficult goal when an athlete’s time is minimal

The more you give away, the more you get back.

Coach Joe Friel