USA Cycling Coaching Quarterly Conversation, May 2022

Watch the recording of the May 6, 2022 Quarterly Conversation featuring Mike Ricci, on the business of coaching, and Jon Tarkington, on the state of coaching education.

On May 6, 2022, USA Cycling hosted its 2022 Coaching Quarterly Conversation at the Fast Talk Laboratories headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. The full-length, 1 hour 24-minute recording with Q&A is presented above.

“You learn more from the defeats than the successes”

Mike Ricci

This Quarterly Conversation featured the two speakers below:

Jon Tarkington, Director of Coaching Development and Education

Jon gives some information on the state of the Coaching Development and Educational program with USA Cycling in this Quarterly Conversation. Jon started working with athletes in 1998 durning his undergraduate time. He then moved on to coaching at Fort Lewis College and CU-Boulder. In 2003 he started his business, and helped start the Boulder Junior Cycling Road Program.

Over the years, Jon had the honor of working with many athletes, from your every day riders, to an olympian. Eventually, he went through a training plan burnout, and tried various other projects down the road in the cycling community. But, eventually, came back around to coaching.

Mike Ricci, Founder and Head Coach of D3 Multisport

Mike talks through his presentation on Solving the Coaching Puzzle in this live event. He shares his experiences as a business owner, and a coach throughout the years. A little background on Mike, he started his coaching career in 1988 as a swim instructor and the same year, he walked on his university’s cross country team. Mike coached his first ever endurance athlete in 1992, and then in 2001 he decided to try and start his business and make it as a coach.

By 2006-2007 Mike had already hired 7-8 coaches to D3. As his career as a coach started to get bigger, Mike started coaching the University of Colorado’s triathlete team in 2008 where he helped them win 4 national titles. He then was nominated coach of the year, and won. The best part about coaching for Mike was the successes that his athletes achieved.

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