Endurance Coaching

Coaching is hard! A good coach must manage challenging athletes, build a business, grow his or her knowledge, stay on top of new software—in many ways, being a cycling, triathlon, or running coach today is harder than ever before. At the same time, it’s easy to find advice online—though it’s hard to know how good that information is.

At Fast Talk Labs, you can be certain you’re getting beneficial advice from our in-house coaches, who have over 40 years of experience in personal coaching, group coaching, and online coaching.

Are you a coach? We offer coaching support services to help you develop your practice and get answers to technical questions. Apply to join our Coaching Support program.

Q&A on Time Trial Pacing and Position, INSCYD, and Tough Love, with Janis Musins

Episode 162

Janis Musins helps us answer questions on time trial pacing, TT position, INSCYD testing, and the coach-athlete relationship.

Science Does Not Provide Certainty with Jeff Winkler

Episode 49

It's not always just about graphs and numbers.

How to Optimize the Coach-Athlete Relationship

Every athlete of any ability level can benefit from the guidance of a good coach. We explore the coach-athlete relationship, and offer advice on how to reap the greatest rewards from working with a coach.

The Holy Trinity: How to Monitor Training

Dr. Seiler shares his method for monitoring an athlete's training volume and intensity.

The Best of 2020

Episode 144

We bring you our favorite conversations with exceptional guests from the worlds of physiology, medicine, nutrition, sports psychology, and, of course, cycling.

Power, Physiology, Perception: Integrating the Holy Feedback Trinity

Dr. Stephen Seiler shares the "holy trinity" of training feedback in this live presentation at a rowing conference.

A New Coaching Model: Building Better Athletes Through Our Virtual Performance Center

Episode 139

We believe modern coaching doesn’t optimally fulfill the needs of the modern athlete. That’s why we’re introducing our community, education, and coaching membership, Fast Talk Laboratories.

How to Monitor Your Nutrition

Head Coach Ryan Kohler explores best practices for using mobile apps to monitor nutrition—and reveals the red flags that can indicate when athletes are misusing these apps and developing unhealthy attitudes about their diet.

Coaching with Balance: The Duality of Data and Intuition with Coach Julie Young

Episode 20

Train by data or train by feel? Here to unpack the duality of data and intuition in endurance athletics is cycling coach and former pro cyclist, Julie Young.

Paul Chek, The Evolution of the Athlete

Episode 18

Colby Pearce interviews his long-time teacher Paul Chek.