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Colby Pearce

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Colby has been a Steve Hogg Certified expert bike fitter for the past 10 years and has worked with elite athletes and WorldTour teams, including EF Education First. He is also an elite cycling coach and has been passing along his wisdom to the riders he coaches for decades. Pearce’s repertoire of knowledge spans 30 years, five continents, hundreds of races, and countless miles in the saddle.

His Cycling in Alignment podcast hosts an eclectic selection of guests from inside cycling and the broader world. Colby’s show presents cycling as not just a sport but also a practice. Colby shows how athletes can better align themselves with nature and find deeper health through a broader view of themselves as athletes.

Basic Performance Data Analysis Pathway

Analyzing your training is a critical aspect of improving fitness. With the help of Dr. Stephen Seiler, Colby Pearce, Julie Young, and many others, we explore how and why to monitor and analyze data, and explore different approaches to interpreting and managing your workout data.

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Cycling in Alignment Is Moving!

Episode 50

Find new episodes of Cycling in Alignment with Colby and all his illustrious guests on a new channel.

Science Does Not Provide Certainty with Jeff Winkler

Episode 49

It's not always just about graphs and numbers.

The Most Effective Recovery Strategies

Episode 48

We are framing the discussion on endurance training recovery around Paul Chek's Six Foundational principles: sleeping, breathing, eating, thinking, drinking, and moving.

Failures in Cycling

Episode 47

Colby Pearce tells the stories of a few of his biggest failures and the lessons he learned from each.

False Beliefs about Cycling

Episode 46

Cadence, Flow-states, Belly-Breathing, and Off the Bike Movement

Jason Williams on Retül and Bike Fitting Philosophies

Episode 45

We delve into the strengths and potential pitfalls of using comparative data as we discuss the how technology can be used to help fitters make decisions during their fit process.

The Godfather of Bike Fitting, Happy Freedman

Episode 44

Differing opinions on fit.

The Beat of the Bike Fitter, Jerry Gerlich

Episode 43

We dork out on bike fitting and get honest about mistakes.

Supplement Responsibly

Episode 42

If you decide to take supplements as an athlete, you need to understand as much as you can about healthy eating and your body. Supplement responsibly!