Colby Pearce

Colby Pearce Cycling in Alignment Podcast

Colby Pearce is a U.S. Olympic track cyclist, Hour Record holder, and Host of the Cycling in Alignment podcast.

Colby has been a Steve Hogg Certified expert bike fitter for the past 10 years and has worked with elite athletes and WorldTour teams, including EF Education First. He is also an elite cycling coach and has been passing along his wisdom to the riders he coaches for decades. Pearce’s repertoire of knowledge spans 30 years, five continents, hundreds of races, and countless miles in the saddle.

His Cycling in Alignment podcast hosts an eclectic selection of guests from inside cycling and the broader world. Colby’s show presents cycling as not just a sport but also a practice. Colby shows how athletes can better align themselves with nature and find deeper health through a broader view of themselves as athletes.

Thoughts on Bicycle Saddles

Episode 28

A good bike saddle is one you can completely forget about when riding: no chafing, scarring, or saddle sores. In order to find a saddle that works for you, Colby talks about the anatomy of the human undercarriage and how different saddle shapes can bring you ultimate comfort.

Dr. Scott’s Storrie of Health and Natural Wellness: Part 2

Episode 27

Colby Pearce continues his conversation with Dr. Scott Storrie to dissect a myriad of elements that go into making a well-rounded athlete.

Off the Cliff of Overtraining with Trevor Connor and Rocco Orlando

Overtraining is a dark journey. Trevor Connor, Host of Fast Talk, and Rocco Orlando, Army Veteran, and athlete, are here to discuss their respective journeys into the dark world called: overtraining.

Steve Hogg, Master Bike Fitter

Episode 25

Master bike fitter, Steve Hogg, discusses how to have the healthiest physiological relationship with your bikes to reduce injury and increase performance through bike fitting.

Rototilling Belief Systems with Physical Therapist Ron Kochevar

Episode 24

Physical therapist, Ron Kochevar, deconstructs his belief systems around your individual capabilities such as pain and being in the right mental space to help your body heal.

Dr. Scott’s Storrie of Health and Natural Wellness Part 1 of 2

Episode 23

Dr. Scott Storrie, an extensively trained wellness practitioner, talks about various physical therapies and healthy diets with Colby Pearce.

Integral Dietary Wisdom with Lentine Alexis

Episode 22

Former pro triathlete and classically trained Chef, Lentine Alexis, retells her life story of athletics to food and travel to explain the importance of the body’s relationship to quality food.

Meditation on the Bike

Episode 21

Pick a flat or mostly flat terrain, start biking, then listen to Colby Pearce's moving meditation podcast to relax and think deeply as you ride.

Coaching with Balance: The Duality of Data and Intuition with Coach Julie Young

Episode 20

Train by data or train by feel? Here to unpack the duality of data and intuition in endurance athletics is cycling coach and former pro cyclist, Julie Young.

How to Pedal a Bike, with Chris Case

Episode 19

Colby Pearce, a Steve Hogg certified bike fitter, sits down with Chris Case to dissect the minutiae of how to pedal a bike. Saddle position, ankling, dead legged drills, plantar and dorsal flexion of the foot, all of this and much more is unpacked in this episode.