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Colby Pearce

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Colby has been a Steve Hogg Certified expert bike fitter for the past 10 years and has worked with elite athletes and WorldTour teams, including EF Education First. He is also an elite cycling coach and has been passing along his wisdom to the riders he coaches for decades. Pearce’s repertoire of knowledge spans 30 years, five continents, hundreds of races, and countless miles in the saddle.

His Cycling in Alignment podcast hosts an eclectic selection of guests from inside cycling and the broader world. Colby’s show presents cycling as not just a sport but also a practice. Colby shows how athletes can better align themselves with nature and find deeper health through a broader view of themselves as athletes.

Climbing Mountains and Orbiting Planets: Reframing Your Mentality around Season Planning

Episode 40

Learn how to reframe your mindset about training. Let's throw away outdated athletic goals in terms of "climbing mountains." Rather, think about your athletic journey as an orbital path with your Dream, Goal, or Objective at one point, three-quarters of the way around the orbit.

Bike Fitter Greg Choat: Man is to Bicycle as Fish is to Elephant

Episode 39

Greg Choat, cycling coach and bike fitter, discusses his work helping a human body fit seamlessly onto a carbon or metal frame.

Jessi Stensland: “Kinterractive” Evolution of the Athlete

Episode 38

Evolution as an athlete is something that will come if you stay active for long enough. Navigating those changes can be a challenge, but athletes like Jessi Stensland seem only to improve with their years.

Training in Alignment

Episode 37

How much training is too much? Where is the drop-off in terms of time spent training and race-day results?

Understanding the Functional Challenges of the Time Trial Position

Episode 36

Riding in a time trial position increases the functional load on a rider, particularly when compared to road riding. Learn about the key components of an effective time trial position.

Mountain Bike Fit, Pedal, and Strength with James Wilson

Episode 35

The mountain bike fit conversation continues with coach James Wilson. Clipless pedals, pedal width, and length are debated as well as the all important pedaling technique!

The Iceman Scott Moninger: Hierarchy of the Peloton

Episode 34

Scott Moninger is a crafty all-rounder with nearly 400 wins. He and Colby swap tales and talk about coaching.

Battling Saddle Sores with Don Powell

Episode 33

When you sit on a bike saddle, that's a lot of weight on a very small surface area, the weight of the torso, the way the helmet, the weight of the upper body, the arms, it's all focused into this relatively small point, and then we're going to add friction, and that's generated by the movement of the legs, where the motion of pedaling becomes focused into a very small area.

Unpopular Opinions on Group Rides, Riding Inside, and Hydration

Episode 32

Group rides are dead. Zwift pros and cons. You are a bag of wet salt. Colby Pearce has unpopular opinions and a microphone. Get ready for a fun episode that will leave you ranting.

Mountain Bike Fit with Julie Young and Travis Brown

Episode 31

We unpack the minutiae of mountain bike fit with coach Julie Young and Travis Brown. Steeper seat tube angles on many modern mountain bikes can present challenges and sometimes make it impossible to get a rider's saddle offset far enough back behind the bottom bracket on a mountain bike to match their road position.