Colby Pearce

Colby Pearce Cycling in Alignment Podcast

Colby Pearce is a U.S. Olympic track cyclist, Hour Record holder, and Host of the Cycling in Alignment podcast.

Colby has been a Steve Hogg Certified expert bike fitter for the past 10 years and has worked with elite athletes and WorldTour teams, including EF Education First. He is also an elite cycling coach and has been passing along his wisdom to the riders he coaches for decades. Pearce’s repertoire of knowledge spans 30 years, five continents, hundreds of races, and countless miles in the saddle.

His Cycling in Alignment podcast hosts an eclectic selection of guests from inside cycling and the broader world. Colby’s show presents cycling as not just a sport but also a practice. Colby shows how athletes can better align themselves with nature and find deeper health through a broader view of themselves as athletes.

Six Foundational Principles

Episode 17

In his continued efforts to help you find balance between life and sport, in this episode, Colby focuses on the six foundational principles of a well-balanced life, as prescribed by Paul Chek of the Chek Institute.

Strength and Conditioning, with Jess Elliott of TAG Performance

Episode 16

Strength and conditioning coach Jess Elliott is here to help you understand why it is so important to make time for off-the-bike strength and conditioning work.

Fundamentals of Cycling

Episode 15

Colby Pearce outlines some key abilities that make great cyclists in this broad overview of the sport.

Travis Brown: Mountain Biking Olympian and Hall of Famer

Episode 14

Colby Pearce talks with mountain biking Olympic athlete and hall of famer Travis Brown on his comeback from a severe leg injury.

Thoughts on Diet and Clean Eating

Episode 13

Colby Pearce talks about his thoughts on wholesome clean eating and the role of nutrition in sports.

Jessi Stensland: Freedom of the Beautiful Robot

Episode 12

Jessi Stensland has deeply developed her relationship with her body in the years since competing as a professional triathlete, swimming at the Olympic trials, and winning a bronze medal at XTERRA World Championships. Her ideas about shoes and sleep may be new and unusual to you, but pause and consider her enthusiasm, her agility, and her deep connection to her own body.

Aaron Anderson: Orthotics and Footbeds

Episode 11

We break down the different ways that prefabricated, semi-custom, and custom orthotics are constructed; analyze the pros and cons of the different methods used to cast feet and determine orthotic support needs; offer practical tips and advice on how to find the best podiatrist, and discuss how to determine the quality of the orthotics you’re considering.

Work-Life Balance in the Context of Cycling

Episode 10

We take a step back, off the bike, to focus on the alignment of your mental state.

Lydia Tanner: Mountain Bikes, Meditation, and Muesli

Episode 9

Colby and his former athlete Lydia Tanner discuss her eating disorder and how it affected her training, then her recovery.

Anatomy of a Good Cycling Shoe

Episode 8

There are several questions about your physiology and biomechanics that need to be answered before you can select the ideal shoe for you, and for the purpose of your rides.