Q&A on Crank Length, Power Imbalance, Injuries, and CBD, with Colby Pearce

Colby Pearce joins Fast Talk for another Q&A episode to discuss crank length, power imbalance, the potential of CBD, and how to return after an injury.

cyclist Flagstaff mountain autumn foliage
Photo: Chris Case

We bring back a former frequent guest, Colby Pearce, who has since graduated to his own show, Cycling in Alignment.  

We start with a discussion on crank length, determining what you need, and how consistent you should be across your, presumably, large fleet of bikes.  

That leads to a discussion on power imbalances, what constitutes an issue when it comes to imbalances, and what you can do to correct them if they arise. 

Next we turn our attention to CBD, and address its claimed anti-inflammatory effects. Is this something we want, or something we want to avoid, so the body’s natural inflammatory process can take place? We discuss. 

Finally, we’ll take on the topic of returning from injury, both the psychological and physical ramifications of that long process. 

All that and much more today on Fast Talk. Let’s make you fast! 

Episode Transcript

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