How to Pedal a Bike: Part Two

We're going to break down how to pedal a bike in different conditions, looking at the respective demands of the events. Colby breaks cyclists into different pedaling phenotypes.

How to Pedal a Bike Part Two

In the first installment of this two-part series on How to Pedal a Bike, you learned the basics of my philosophy of how to pedal a bike.

Humans are meant to push down so we need to understand how to optimize that motion for cycling.

We’re going to break down how to pedal in different conditions:

  • We will look at the demands of the event that will help us decipher what disciplines have what requirements for the type of pedaling you must do.
  • Then, I will break cyclists down into pedaling phenotypes. When we talk about cycling phenotypes (sprinter, time trialist, etc.) in terms of pedaling, understand that it is a spectrum.

I hope these thoughts lead to insight in your own training and spur you to think more critically about how you ride. 

Bradley Wiggins hour record
Vittoria Bussi:
Alex Dowsett:

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