How to Teach Sport-Specific Movement Patterns

Joe Friel outlines his method for analyzing sport-specific skills. After establishing a hierarchy to the movement patterns, he teaches athletes each subcomponent until mastery is achieved.
how to pin your race number

How to Pin Your Race Number

There are few things that irk Coach Connor more than a poorly pinned bib number. He walks you through the art of pinning—and looking pro.
How to Pedal a Bike Part Two

How to Pedal a Bike: Part Two

We're going to break down how to pedal a bike in different conditions, looking at the respective demands of the events. Colby breaks cyclists into different pedaling phenotypes.
Chris Case Fast Talk Podcast

How to Pedal a Bike, with Chris Case

Colby Pearce, a Steve Hogg certified bike fitter, sits down with Chris Case to dissect the minutiae of how to pedal a bike. Saddle position, ankling, dead legged drills, plantar and dorsal flexion of the foot, all of this and much more is unpacked in this episode. 
Chris Case Fast Talk Podcast Cornering

The Art of Cornering and Descending, with Emile Abraham

You might not think of cornering as science but we hit the art of cornering and descending from many sides with guest Emile Abraham, a 12-time national champion who is known for cornering and descending.

Stop Your Legs from Fighting (Themselves)

Neuromuscular training expert Grant Holicky of Apex Coaching offers insight into how this type of training works and how exactly to implement it in your own training.