Unpopular Opinions on Group Rides, Riding Inside, and Hydration

Group rides are dead. Zwift pros and cons. You are a bag of wet salt. Colby Pearce has unpopular opinions and a microphone. Get ready for a fun episode that will leave you ranting.

Colby Pearce on a group bike ride

Group rides are dead. Unpopular opinion number one. Even in ostensibly safe scenarios, group rides are dangerous. Rides are too big; riders are too brash; vehicles are too numerous, and drivers are too distracted. 

Other potentially unpopular opinions of Colby’s are related to indoor riding. He outlines some of the pros and cons of Zwifting, including the benefits of riding with extremely controlled and focused training, as well as increased blood volume versus the compounding effects of poor posture that the monotony of riding inside can foster.

Episode Transcript

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