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Few subjects in endurance sports are more misunderstood than hydration. The science is complex, and like many topics in nutrition, marketing hype often clouds fact from fiction.

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cycling the Old Stelvio Road Jim Case

How to Prepare for Events at Altitude

Training and racing at elevation can have a significant impact on performance. We explore some ways to improve your preparation for races at altitude.

sports nutrition for beginners

Sports Nutrition for Beginners

Eating properly for the demands of endurance sports can be challenging, especially if you’re new to sport. We explore common misconceptions and pitfalls for the beginner endurance athlete.

cyclist drinks from water bottle

Sweetening the Truth on Hydration

Few topics in endurance sports are more misunderstood and draw more ire than hydration and electrolyte sports drinks. Trevor Connor explores the biochemical mechanics to show what happens when we drink salty sports drinks.

Cramping runner

The Myth of Cramping

Dehydration? Electrolyte imbalance? Heat? None of these actually causes cramping, according to new theories. Coach Trevor Connor takes a closer look.

heart cardiovascular drift

Cardiovascular Drift, with Dr. Ed Coyle

Cardiovascular drift is measured on the bike by looking at a rise in heart rate relative to power. Dr. Ed Coyle shows us the science behind it.

WorldTour peloton racing

Training the Gut, with Asker Jeukendrup

Pioneering sports nutritionist Asker Jeukendrup joins us for a discussion on how in-race nutrition is trainable and why you should be training your gut.

Cramping runner

Cramping Myths Debunked

Why do athletes cramp? New science suggests that it isn’t about electrolyte imbalances or dehydration as we’ve been told for decades. We explore.