Indoor Cycling

Fast Talk Labs indoor cycling on a Computrainer smart trainer

Indoor cycling was once dreaded, but thanks to the invention of smart trainers and the launch of new online workout platforms like Zwift, TrainerRoad, PowerWatts, Rouvy, and others, cyclists and triathletes view riding inside as just another tool in the training toolbox.

We explore the science to find the best ways to use indoor cycling and smart trainers for effective training.


Endurance Performance Scientific Research with Rob Pickels

Indoor Cycling Pathway

Used strategically, riding inside can be a beneficial way to keep motivation high, effectively add intensity, and stave off winter training doldrums. With the help of Joe Friel, Dr. Stephen Seiler, and others, we explore all aspects of riding inside.
Chris Case and Trevor Connor indoor cycling.

How to Warm Up for Zwift Races

The demands of virtual racing are different from live racing. Physiologist Rob Pickels explores the science of warmups and how this applies to fast-start Zwift races.
Zwift racing

Mastering Zwift Race Tactics

Rob Pickels details the many nuances of racing on Zwift, and offers essential tips to improve your tactical acumen for the virtual world.
Zwift online cycling game

How to Get the Most from Zwift

Whether you’re looking to race, train, or test your fitness level, we explore best practices for using the virtual cycling and running platform.
Cyclist on indoor trainer

Indoor Cycling Basics

Chris Case explains why indoor cycling differs from outdoor riding, then offers tips to help you get the most out of your indoor sessions.
triathlete racing in the heat

Exercise in the Heat Pathway

Endurance athletes inevitably face the challenges imposed by training and racing in the heat. How do our bodies respond, and what are ways that we can best prepare? Learn how to beat the heat with advice from Dr. Stephen Cheung, Dr. Stephen Seiler, and a range of experts and coaches.
Jonas Abrahamsen Zwift indoor cycling workout ride

How Long Is Too Long on Zwift?

Dr. Stephen Seiler analyzes a 13-plus-hour Zwift ride by Jonas Abrahamsen of the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team from Norway.