Is Virtual Racing the Future? – with Ben Delaney

Road racing has been on a decline, while virtual racing has been accelerating as a legitimate type of racing. We discuss what this means for both sports.

Cyclist on indoor trainer

There was a time when a virtual race was something that just tided you over in the winter until the “real” racing began in the spring. But now, platforms like Zwift and RGT have race leagues, national championships, and prize purses in the tens of thousands of dollars. They have become a legitimate form of racing in their own right.  

In this episode, we talk with Ben Delaney, who has just launched The Ride with Ben Delaney on YouTube. He talks about what’s going on in both road racing and virtual racing in order to find out if the two are having an impact on each other. With years of experience as a journalist and editor at VeloNews, Ben is the perfect person to discuss these trends in racing – even new forms of racing like Zwift.  

Joining Delaney is a host of experts including coach Alec Donahue, the founder of Cycle-Smart, Bruce Bird, a high-level amateur rider in Canada, CTS coach, and six-time Masters National Champion. Renee Eastman, Dr. Andy Pruitt and Colby Pearce (who really need no introduction), and Chris Carmichael, the founder of CTS coaching will also be guests on this episode.  

So, pull out your trainers, get your game face on, and let’s make you fast! 

Episode Transcript

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