Environmental Pollution, Health, and Performance, with Dr. Michael Koehle

Should we modify how, where, and when we train based on our potential exposure to pollutants?

Environmental Pollution, Health, and Performance, with Dr. Michael Koehle

As pollution levels increase around the globe, whether from vehicle traffic, wildfires, Ozone, industrial or other sources, it’s time to ask the question: Should we modify how, where, and when we train based on our potential exposure to pollutants? Furthermore, are certain pollutants worse than others? Finally, can we, and if so, should we try to “adapt” to certain pollutants? 

We’re joined by a leading expert in the field of environmental pollution and its effects on exercise performance and health, Dr. Michael Koehle, from the University of British Columbia. With his help, we’ll address the different risks associated with pollution exposure, and how those effects change based on the concentration and duration of our exposure, as well as how we breathe. 

Finally, Dr. Koehle, as well as environmental physiologist Dr. Stephen Cheung and pro cyclist Shayna Powless, share their recommendations for training in a polluted world. Ultimately, exercise is good, pollution is bad, and there are things we can do to lessen the impact based on the conditions that day.  

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