Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling was once dreaded, but thanks to the invention of smart trainers and the launch of new online workout platforms like Zwift, TrainerRoad, PowerWatts, Rouvy, and others, cyclists and triathletes view riding inside as just another tool in the training toolbox.

We explore the science to find the best ways to use indoor cycling and smart trainers for effective training.

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Fast Talk Podcast Q&A indoor cycling

How Moving Training Indoors Affects Our Workouts

Dr. Stephen Seiler surveyed over 1,000 endurance athletes of different levels to find out how the basic characteristics of the training process have changed during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the results.
Isaiah Newkirk indoor cycling at CU physiology testing laboratory

Adjustments to Train Indoors

There are four balances to strike when training indoors: 1) bone health, 2) muscular balance, 3) intensity and duration balance in our training sessions and 4) energy balance
Fast Talk Podcast Q&A indoor cycling

Rethinking the Science of Trainers

Today’s smart trainers and online tools allow us to “game-ify” the experience of cycling training indoors and they are making many re-consider how they feel about riding indoors. We're looking at the training benefits, differences of experience on the trainer versus on the road, inertia generated by the trainer, and its impact on our biomechanics.