Bike Fitter Greg Choat: Man is to Bicycle as Fish is to Elephant

Greg Choat, cycling coach and bike fitter, discusses his work helping a human body fit seamlessly onto a carbon or metal frame.

Greg Choat Bike Fit Cycling in Alignment

Greg Choat is a cycling coach and bike fitter with decades of experience, whose bike fitting knowledge traces back to the expertise of Steve Hogg.

Understanding the quintessential difficulty of a bike fitter’s challenge is most aptly painted in this proverb quoted by Greg in the show: “Man is to bicycle as fish is to elephant.”

Helping a human body fit seamlessly onto a carbon or metal frame requires mechanical knowledge of the bike as well as biomechanical and physiological knowledge of the human body.

Preventing and dealing with injury caused by either poor form or poor bike fit is one of the primary challenges that Greg and Colby face in their work— and which they unpack in this episode. 


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Episode Transcript

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