Bike Fit

Dr. Andy Pruitt. Todd Carver. Colby Pearce. Lennard Zinn. Happy Freedman. Jason Williams. Steve Hogg.

Bike fit is as critical to comfort as it is to performance. Our contributing expert bike fitters share their bike fit philosophy and science.


Male Saddle Diseases Andy Pruitt

Saddle Sores and Other Male “Saddle Diseases”

Saddle sores, numbness, and erectile dysfunction are just a few of the issues that can hamper male cyclists. Dr. Andy Pruitt details how to avoid these and other cycling saddle problems.
the knee is the victim with Dr. Andy Pruitt

The Knee Is the Victim

Because the knee is caught between the hip and the foot, it often bears the brunt of biomechanical pedaling forces, which leads to injuries. Dr. Andy Pruitt explains why.
Dr. Andy Pruitt conducts bike fit

How to Choose a Bike Fitter

Finding a good bike fitter can be challenging. Dr. Andy Pruitt, a pioneer in bike fit, explains the many nuances of choosing the best fitter for you.