Jessi Stensland: “Kinterractive” Evolution of the Athlete

Evolution as an athlete is something that will come if you stay active for long enough. Navigating those changes can be a challenge, but athletes like Jessi Stensland seem only to improve with their years.

Jessi Stensland FeetFreex Cycling in Alignment
Jessi Stensland Ride the Rock South Africa

Former guest on the podcast, triathlete and Feet Freex shoe creator, Jessi Stensland is here to unpack more of her evolution as an athlete. Starting as a D1 swimmer, making the Olympic trials, transitioning to triathlon, and finally competing in ultra Mountain Bike races are all a part Jessi’s athletic journey. Her continued athletic evolution has a different focus than simply “winning” a race. Creating a long-term health and high-performance lifestyle is now the primary focus for Jessi. The idea of being “kinterractive” as Jessi defines in this podcast, is one of nature, activity, love, and connection.

Episode Transcript

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