Welcome to Our In-Season Strength Training Series

Knowing how to structure strength training during the race season can be tricky. Our new strength training series is designed to help you stay strong and sharp as you compete.

Endurance athletes often hit the gym in the winter or off-season, but then once race season comes around, many are unsure how to structure their strength training. While your sport-specific training can and should take precedence during race season, there are still plenty of gains to be made from work in the gym.

In this In-Season Strength Series we guide you through some workouts that will complement your sport-specific training and help you reach your next start line feeling stronger, fitter, and faster. These sessions should be incorporated into your training plan twice a week, except for the Race Week workout, or for athletes who are not currently strength training, in which case these can be done once a week.

Ready to get started?

In-Season Strength: Warm-Up

In-Season Strength: Normal Week

In-Season Strength: Recovery Week

In-Season Strength: Race Week

In-Season Strength: Post-Race Week

Video Transcript

Ryan Kohler  0:05

Hi, my name is Ryan Kohler and in this series we’re going to take you through in-season strength training.

Many endurance athletes make excellent gains when they hit the gym in the off-season, but if they don’t transition into an in-season strength maintenance program, those gains can be lost in a matter of weeks. We’ve come up with four workouts that you can use to take you through the different phases of your season. The first one will be your normal training week, the second one will be a normal recovery week, your third one will be a race-specific week, and finally, your fourth one will be a post-race recovery week. So follow along with us in this series so we can help you have your best season yet.