Workout of the Week: Aerobic 200s Track Running Intervals Workout 

Runners can also benefit from faster intervals with short recoveries. This Aerobic 200s track running workout is short and punchy.

Above shot of a woman rounding a corner on a running track

Think about running 200s on the track and your mind can quickly dismiss them for a sprinter’s workout. However, just as 30/30s and 40/20s are popular for cyclists, runners can also benefit from faster intervals with short recoveries.  

With Aerobic 200s, the goal is to empower your aerobic system at higher speeds. Key to this is a controlled pace that prevents your body becoming overly reliant on anaerobic energy production. By taking frequent, albeit short, rests we keep circulating lactate levels low; something that is popularized by the Norwegian training method.

To successfully complete this workout, you’ll need adequate warm-up, a running track, and patience. Make sure that you’re well-fed and hydrated before and be sure to keep a water-bottle handy at the 200m mark for a quick sip between efforts.  

Because the recovery is so short, after you ease to a stop, slowly jog back to the 200m mark that was your previous finish and where you’ll begin your next interval. Timing your arrival at the line is a pro move that maintains the flow of the workout.  

To increase the difficulty of this session, you can increase your total duration by adding two 200s to each set, ultimately arriving at 3 × 10 × 200m.  

Workout of the Week: Aerobic 200s 


15 min. steady jogging @ base pace

Active warm-up including skipping, jumping jacks, hopping, and strides 

Main set 

3 sets:

6 × 200m run @ 5K race pace 
20 sec. rest between efforts 

3 min. set rest 


15 min. base-pace running