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Rear view of a woman running up stairs at an outdoor stadium

Workout of the Week: Stairs

Speedskaters run stairs to work the legs and build cardiovascular fitness. For runners, this workout builds leg strength and helps give you a more explosive stride.

Black and white image of runners straining to cross the finish line.

The History of Run Training

The timely combination of running facilities and stopwatches gave running a leg up on other endurance sports, inviting more structured training and innovation.

David and Megan Roche on a trail with their dog.

You Are Born for Coaching

The backstory of SWAP Running attests to the value of curiosity, naivety, and a good dose of grit. David and Megan Roche channeled their love for the sport into a coaching business with a reputation for winning.

Composite image of 3 different points of a man running across salt flats

How to Analyze Running Form

Performing a gait analysis may be necessary to troubleshoot recurring injuries or improve run speed.