Workout of the Week: The Tuesday Taper Run 

This run workout is designed specifically for race week, focusing on maintaining small amounts of intensity while allowing ample recovery.

Two women jogging across a blue outdoor running track.
Photo: Lund

When it comes to preparing for a key race, tapering is an essential part of the process, ensuring your body is fresh and ready to perform at its best, but still familiar with the hard effort ahead. The primary goal of this workout is to balance the need for maintaining fitness with the necessity of recovery.

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During the taper phase, it’s important to reduce training volume while maintaining intensity to keep your muscles active and engaged. This session achieves that balance by incorporating running at and just above race pace but for very short durations. This ensures that your legs stay strong and responsive without the risk of overuse injuries or excessive fatigue.

This taper run also serves as a mental refresher, keeping you connected to the joy of running at race pace without the stress of high-intensity sessions. 

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This workout is best performed on a track or some other flat, soft surface. The treadmill is also a good option. Wear your race shoes to mimic what this pace will feel like on race day. Focus on maintaining good running form, with a slight forward lean, relaxed shoulders, and an even stride. 

If you are experiencing any sharp pains or signs of injury, it’s best to skip this workout. Prioritize feeling healthy and fully recovered for race day. Listen to your body and avoid pushing through discomfort, especially during the taper phase. 

Workout of the Week: The Tuesday Taper Run 


10 min. jogging at a conversational pace

Main set

4-6 × 400m: Odd sets at race pace, evens just faster than race pace


10 min. easy jogging