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Derek Owens is a USAT Level 2 certified coach who has coached runners, cyclists, and triathletes of all levels. He has worked with athletes to achieve their goals across the spectrum, from crossing their first finish line to standing on top of the podium.

Growing up on a dirt road in the South Carolina low country, Derek spent his free time as a child exploring the surrounding forest and roads by foot and bike. While he played baseball and ran cross country in high school, he never really identified as an “athlete.” It wasn’t until his late 20s that he found his passion for triathlon. After hiring a coach to complete his first Ironman, he discovered the immeasurable ways that having an endurance coach can help a person reach their potential.

Now a seasoned triathlete and coach, Derek loves sharing his knowledge and experiences to help people accomplish things they had never thought possible. He lives with his wife, Chelsea, daughter, Sierra, and dog, Cima, in Longmont, Colorado.