Workout of the Week: Race Simulation Brick

As a triathlete, fine-tuning your race-day execution is crucial, and nothing beats a good brick workout for this purpose.

A triathlete rides past a concrete wall

A “brick” in triathlon parlance involves combining two of the sport’s disciplines in one continuous workout, which builds mental and physiological familiarity with going from one sport to the next. This particular brick session is ideal to perform 4-6 weeks before your key event, at the end of a recovery week so your legs are fresh.

This race simulation brick is essentially a dress rehearsal. It’s your opportunity to wear your race kit, use your race-day gear, and execute your nutrition plan under conditions similar to what you’ll face on the big day. The goal is to ensure everything from your outfit to your equipment and fueling strategy works seamlessly together.

Additionally, for those who predominantly train indoors, this workout provides a valuable chance to take your bike outdoors, ensuring it’s well-tuned and ready for action, avoiding any last-minute hiccups as the race approaches. Try to perform the session on terrain similar to your racecourse to maximize its effectiveness.

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For many triathletes, particularly those newer to the sport, this session serves an invaluable role as a confidence builder. Training rarely replicates the intensity and nerves of race day. By tackling this race simulation brick, athletes can validate that their target power and pace are not only achievable but sustainable under race conditions. This experience is crucial—it shifts the mindset from hopeful to confident, empowering triathletes to approach the start line with belief in their training and race strategy.

This workout is not only about testing your physical readiness but also about confirming that your race strategy is solid. Adjustments to your race plan are not always necessary following this workout, but can be based on how this session goes and could be crucial to your race-day success.

Workout of the Week: Race Simulation Brick


Bike 5 mi. @ 50-65% FTP
Include several 15 sec. leg openers slightly above race effort

Bike main set

51 mi. @ target race power (~78-88% FTP)

Transition quickly from bike to run, mimicking race-day conditions

Run main set

1 mi. slower than race pace (+15 sec./mi.)
2 mi. @ race pace
1 mi. faster than race pace (-15 sec. /mi.)


15 min. very easy run