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Coach Neal Henderson

T-Minus Four Days: Prep for Race Day Success with Neal Henderson

Your training is done. It’s only a few days to your big event. This is when many athletes unravel months of training with a few bad choices. Top coach Neal Henderson discusses with us how to avoid the pitfalls and get the most out of those final days.

Trevor Connor running from lions

Running From Lions

Why our bodies can often fool us, and the signs you should look for during your peak, in recovery weeks, and at the end of big training blocks

Colby Pearce Cycling in Alignment Podcast

The Art and Science of Peaking, with Colby Pearce

In today’s episode, learn the exercise science behind peaking for your racing season — including how long it takes, why we do a fatigue block to start the peak and the science of what happens physiologically to produce the peak. Tapering your training is tricky so we’ll review some of the more common mistakes that you can run into.