Q&A on Fatigue, Peaking, Returning from Injury, and Nutrition with Julie Young

Guest coach Julie Young answers questions from listeners on fatigue, peaking, returning from injury, and sports nutrition.

Fast Talk Podcast
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Our guest coach this week is Julie Young, who has appeared before on Fast Talk—episode 91 (“Beyond the data—training is not only about numbers”), to be exact. Julie is a former professional cyclist turned coach. Her road racing career stretched over a decade with teams including Saturn and Timex. She continues to race today at a very high level across multiple disciplines, and is currently part of the talented team behind the Kaiser Permanente Sports Medicine Endurance Lab in California.

On to the questions: 

  • Erik Olsen from Aarhus, Denmark asks about time to exhaustion and the true definition of fatigue. 
  • Luis Arrondo in San Jose, California, wonders if there is a “currency exchange” between adaptation and recuperation. 
  • Reuben Kouidri, in Bristol, in the UK, has some goals far in the future, so he wants to know when the goal is a long way away and he doesn’t need to peak until 3 years from now, is there a more optimal way to train for maximizing fitness than, for example, that 80:20 polarized ratio? 
  • Klemens Plasser in Vienna, Austria asks about glycogen use during exercise, the different exogenous and endogenous sources, and how each is utilized. 
  • Dan Draper in Salt Lake City, Utah ponders whether he’d be faster if he cut back or eliminated grains from his diet. 
  • James McKay in Yorkshire, England wants to know if a greater fat intake will help him improve performance and health. 
  • And finally, Tom Maher in Horwich, the UK, has questions about changes to heart rate in relation to power as he makes his way back from injury. 

All that and much more today on Fast Talk.   

Let’s make you fast! 


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