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The Fast Talk Podcast focuses on the science of endurance sports in a conversational and informative style. Mixed into the deep discussions, there are tips and takeaways regarding endurance training philosophy, human physiology, workout design, performance nutrition, and sport psychology.

Our hosts Trevor Connor and Rob Pickels explore these topics with world-class, leading experts on endurance sports. These include researchers like Dr. Stephen Seiler, Dr. Bent Ronnestand, Dr. Inigo San Millan,  as well as coaches such as Joe Friel, Neal Henderson, Stacy Sims, and Grant Holicky.

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Fast Talk Hosts

Trevor Connor

Cofounder, Chief Executive Officer, Cohost of Fast Talk, and Coach
Trevor Connor has 20 years experience in bike racing and has coached for U.S. and Canadian national performance centers and managed podcast-hosts. He holds a master’s in nutrition.

Rob Pickels

Exercise Physiologist
Rob Pickels is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer at Fast Talk Laboratories. He is an exercise physiologist who has worked in product wwwelopment for Pearl Izumi and at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and the University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center.
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Fast Talk Podcast > Planning Your Season


Revisiting Episode 3: How to Structure Your Training Plan

In the very early days of Fast Talk, our hosts summarized – in only 20 minutes – how to map out your training week. In today’s episode we revisit that summary to see just how good a job we did back then.

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Fast Talk Podcast: Endurance Sports Training and Nutrition from Fast Talk Laboratories

Are You Ready for Race Season?

In this week’s episode, our hosts talk about the best work to do leading into the race season, getting meditative during intervals, and preparing for an epic event.

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cyclists riding in snow

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

In this week’s show, we talk about training over the holidays, why discomfort is important to our development, and our goals for 2023.

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