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The Fast Talk podcast is your source for the science of cycling performance, filled with the best training advice and insights on what it takes to become a better cyclist.

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Co-hosted by science journalist Chris Case and exercise physiologist and coach Trevor Connor, each Fast Talk episode takes a deep dive into a range of topics including sport science, training, physiology, technology, nutrition, and more.

The show’s list of guests includes some of the most prominent names in cycling and sport science including Dr. Stephen Seiler, Joe Friel, Katie Compton, Brent Bookwalter, Sebastian Weber, Dr. Asker Jeukendrup, and many more.

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Performance Gains and Adaptations from Fasted Training, with Dr. Brian Carson  

Episode 123

Have you ever woken up early in the morning to go for a ride, skipped breakfast, and thought, “I wonder if that was bad for my training? Or maybe it was good?!” In today’s episode, we try to decipher if there are any advantages or disadvantages to occasionally riding, or exercising in general, in a fasted state.

Mission Impossible: Determining Your True Threshold

Episode 122

How accurate are threshold numbers? And why is it so difficult to find accurate threshold numbers? We discuss several common ways to find your threshold and their pros and cons.

How to Use Data to Make Better Training Decisions, with Tim Cusick

Episode 119

This episode takes a good long look at training metrics. We’ve released previous episodes on how to use different numbers, what many of them mean, and how they’re calculated. Today, we tie it together into one package, with a master of data analytics, Tim Cusick, who is not only the product leader for TrainingPeaks’ WKO platform, but also an elite cycling coach of athletes including Amber Neben and Rebecca Rusch.