Fast Talk

The Fast Talk podcast focuses on the science of endurance sports: training, workouts, nutrition, and psychology.

Our hosts Trevor Connor and Rob Pickels explore these topics with world-class, leading experts on endurance sports.

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girl sitting on track looking disappointed

How Your Brain Can Make or Break Your Performance

Neuroscience isn’t an exciting term, but it can be one of the most important factors in how well our muscles perform. We talk about this fascinating connection between mind and body with Dr. Scott Frey.

Maximizing the Physiology and Performance of the Female Athlete – with Dr. Stacy Sims

"Women are not small men" is a phrase synonymous with Stacy Sims—and in this show, we find out exactly what that means. Tune in to learn just how important it is for coaches and female athletes to adapt training so that women’s physiology can be used to harness their strengths—not hinder them—throughout their athletic lives.