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Endurance Performance Testing and Monitoring— Past, Present, and Future

Dr. Stephen Seiler presents on the history and future of endurance sports testing and monitoring.

From Polarized to Individually Optimized Endurance Training in 5 Steps

Exercise physiologist Dr. Stephen Seiler walks through five steps for turning polarized training into a more personalized approach.

Wprime, Critical Power, 6-minute Power, and Variable Intensity Races

In this video, Dr. Seiler thinks out loud—with math—to explore how critical power and variable intensity races might connect in practice.

The North Star: Setting Goals to Give You Direction, with Will Murray

Coach and author Will Murray joins Coach Ryan Kohler for a discussion of what makes a useful set of goals, how to develop them, the psychology of goals, and much more.

How to Create a Race-Day Sports Nutrition Plan, Part 3

Coaches Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor discuss how to write out your nutrition plan, how to determine what nutrition will be available at aid stations, estimating nutrition needs between aid stations, and much more.

Polarized Training—”Ordinary Workouts Done Extraordinarily Well”—with Dr. Stephen Seiler and Trevor Connor

Dr. Stephen Seiler and Trevor Connor discuss polarized training, intensity distribution, and endurance in this webinar with CKO Sprint.

Your Winter Guide to Indoor Cycling, with Dr. Stephen Cheung

Dr. Stephen Cheung leads a discussion on indoor cycling, including heat management, adaptive differences between indoor and outdoor workouts, and what to do with those "nice" winter days when you can sneak outdoors.

How to Create a Race-Day Sports Nutrition Plan, Part 2

Coaches Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor dive deeper into specific nutrition metrics for a race, exploring research about race-day nutrition for the Leadville Trail 100 MTB.

Why and How to Monitor Athlete Training Loads

Dr. Stephen Seiler speaks at the Aspire Academy on why and how to monitor athlete training loads.

Power, Physiology, Perception: Integrating the Holy Feedback Trinity

Dr. Stephen Seiler shares the "holy trinity" of training feedback in this live presentation at a rowing conference.