Joe Friel’s Keynote to USA Cycling: The Art & Craft of Coaching Athletes

Joe Friel presents the themes of his new online learning experience, The Craft of Coaching, during the 2022 USA Cycling Coaching Summit.

On February 4, 2022, USA Cycling hosted its 2022 Coaching Summit at the Fast Talk Laboratories headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Coach Joe Friel was the keynote speaker.

Joe Friel, Coach and Creator of The Craft of Coaching

In his keynote presentation for USA Cycling coaches, Friel shares the core themes of his new online learning experience, The Craft of Coaching: how to become a good, successful, and happy coach. While this topic sounds simple, a balanced pursuit of these three distinct goals is a fundamental challenge to coaching and one that is a struggle for many. Drawing from his 40-year career, Friel explores the inherent tensions and priorities of coaching and shares the lessons he has learned about the coach’s relationship with the athlete, the sport, and the business of coaching.

The Craft of Coaching is the featured online learning experience now available to all active USA Cycling licensed coaches through partnership with Fast Talk Laboratories.

Through this partnership, all active USA Cycling licensed coaches get free access to Fast Talk Laboratories and its growing knowledgebase that includes hundreds of how-to guides, articles, videos, and podcast episodes on training, coaching, sports nutrition, physiology, recovery, and sport psychology.

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