Dr. Seiler and Siren Seiler Analyze Molly Seidel’s Olympic Marathon Training

Dr. Stephen Seiler and his daughter, an elite runner and sport science student, analyze bronze medalist Molly Seidel's Olympic training.

Dr. Stephen Seiler is joined by his daughter, Siren Seiler, an elite distance runner and sport science student at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, to analyze the training and performance of American Molly Seidel, who finished third in the marathon at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Here’s how Dr. Seiler describes this video: “Molly Seidel punched way above her weight in Tokyo, at least on paper. Maybe she was just better than we or she realized. In only her third marathon, under hot and humid conditions, she beat multiple athletes with faster PBs to take the bronze. My daughter Siren (a distance runner and sports science student) did a deep dive into her training throughout 2021, particularly over the last nine weeks. We present that analysis together here!”

Reposted on Fast Talk Laboratories with permission of Dr. Stephen Seiler.