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Endurance Performance Data Analysis

Understanding your performance begins with understanding each workout. See how coaches and experts analyze and interpret workout and race data to understand performance.

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Woman comparing a data set on her phone to her fitness watch.

A Primer in the Power of Data Analytics

By tapping into the power of data analytics coaches can make important decisions more quickly and better prepare athletes for the specific demands of any given race.

Balancing Athlete Data and Devices title card

Balancing Athlete Data and Devices

The options for data and devices are endless and some athletes need their coach to intervene. Coaches Ryan Kohler and Alison Freeman describe the metrics that matter most.

Measuring Performance & Progression title card showing Joe Friel and Ben Day

Measuring Performance and Progression

Coaches Joe Friel and former pro cyclist Ben Day talk about setting goals and how measuring progress must include “more than just numbers.”

Coach Joe Friel discusses athlete training metrics in The Craft of Coaching

Training Metrics

Joe Friel provides an overview of the key training metrics that help coaches quantify training load and plan for performance.