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Grant Holicky

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He is Co-Owner and Director of Coaching at Forever Endurance as well as the Director of the Blue-Stages Racing Cyclocross team. Grant began coaching while still a high school athlete himself and discovered a love that has allowed him to pursue that passion as a joyful pursuit and a profession. From beginners to national and world champions, he is committed to helping each athlete achieve their own personal greatness in athletics.

Grant’s personal background is as a collegiate swimmer, then a professional triathlete and now an impassioned amateur cyclist. His personal love for sport comes through in his dedication and commitment to his athletes and their goals. Grant is an American Swimming Coaches Association Level 5 certified swim coach, former U.S. national team coach, and a member of the USA Swimming World Championships staff in 2013. He is also a USA Cycling Level 2 certified coach and has coached athletes on U.S. national teams in 5 different sports. He has coached several national champions and a Paracycling World Champion.

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