What Is Your Individual Zone of Optimal Functioning?

Every athlete has a personal IZOF. Coach Grant Holicky shares the concept and explores how to determine your IZOF. Then he shares why knowing your IZOF is helpful and how you can recreate your IZOF on demand.

When you think back to your best performances, do you remember the context? What was your mood, your frame of mind, your emotional and psychological state? Can you recreate that mindset on demand?

In this workshop, Coach Grant Holicky explores a concept known as the Individual Zone of Optimal Functioning (IZOF). When it comes to mindset, every athlete has different needs. What works for you might be detrimental to your teammate.

To identify your IZOF, you need to look at your past best performances, whether in training or racing. Then, you can recognize important emotional spaces that appear repeatedly during those performances. Next comes honing the ability to recreate those emotional conditions, which takes concentrated, deliberate practice.

Video Transcript

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