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strength training for cyclists

Fast Talk Labs’ Strength Training Series: Warm-Up & Activation Routine

We kick off our new six-week strength training program with this simple warm-up and activation routine that’s designed to get you ready to move and lift.
Strength training for cyclists

Fast Talk Labs’ Strength Training Series: Week 1

In Week 1 of our Strength Training Series, we guide you through a routine that includes deadlifts, back squats, rows, and side planks.
Fast Talk Labs' Strength Training Series: Week 2

Fast Talk Labs’ Strength Training Series: Week 2

In Week 2 of our Strength Training Series, we progress the program with exercises that will help develop your strength and durability.
Strength Series with Ryan Week 3

Fast Talk Labs’ Strength Training Series: Week 3

We increase the volume and the core work in Week 3 of our Strength Training Series.
man stretching for run

Planning Your Week From A Polarized Training Perspective

So you want to give the polarized training approach a go? Here’s how to map out your week using the 80/20 training model.
Workout of the Week: T-20 Swim Test

Workout of the Week: T-20 Swim Test

If you’re trying to figure out where your swim fitness is, there’s one easy way to do it with this baseline test.

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How to Build a Better Athlete

How to Build a Better Athlete

Strength and conditioning coach Erin Carson shares her insights and expertise on building durable, happy, successful athletes—and it’s about more than just lifting weights in the gym.
Continuous Glucose Monitors for Athletes

Continuous Glucose Monitors: Should They Be Allowed in Races?

They’re becoming incredibly popular, but where do CGMs fit into racing? Two elite coaches debate the merits and pitfalls of using wearable glucose monitors in competition.
Young woman runner running on city bridge road

How to Bulletproof Your Legs As You Increase Run Volume

Looking to increase your run mileage and stay injury-free? The work starts in the gym—and we’ve got all you need to know to do it.
Boulder Junior Cycling racers during a bike race

The Craft of Coaching

Module 10: Coaching Junior Athletes

Young athletes need coaches to know more than just skill and execution of sport. Top coaches share what they’ve learned about developing juniors.

photo of Pete Webber coaching two young athletes

How to Coach Parents of Young Athletes

It’s the job no one wants, but coaching parents can help young athletes be more successful and committed to the sport.
Inigo San Millan

Developing Young Talent in the Pro Peloton with Dr. Iñigo San Millán

At age 18 Spanish cyclist Juan Ayuso signed with World Tour team UAE Team Emirates. In this podcast special, Dr. San Millán discusses Ayuso’s successful move to the pro peloton and the obstacles facing American cyclists.
How to Devleop Younger Athletes

How to Develop Younger Athletes

As head coach of one of the nation’s largest junior cycling teams, Pete Webber shifted his program from selection to athlete development.

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Fast Talk Femmes Podcast Title Art

Introducing the Fast Talk Femmes Podcast—with Julie Young and Dede Barry

Learn more about what female endurance athletes need to thrive with our new podcast, hosted by two former pro cyclists.
Fast Talk Femmes with Catherine Cram

Fast Talk Femmes Podcast: Training During Pregnancy—with Catherine Cram

There’s an abundance of myths about training while pregnant and returning to activity postpartum. Our guest on this show is an expert in the field who helps separate fact from fiction with the latest research and knowledge.
Julia Violich, Fast Talk Femmes Podcast

Fast Talk Femmes Podcast: Developing the Next Generation—with Julia Violich

How do you attract, nurture, and retain talented young riders? We find out in the latest Fast Talk Femmes podcast.

Polarized Training Pathway

Runner Polarized Training

The 8 Golden Rules of Polarized Training

Sticking to 80/20 and training by heart rate are just two of the key polarized training rules you’ll want to follow.

5 Things to Know About How Polarized Training Changes Over a Season

Get the right mix of intensity at the right time and polarized training pays off. Take a disciplined approach for best results.
External Load vs. Internal Response

External Load vs. Internal Response

Load, stress, strain—they’re terms we hear a lot in sports science, but what do they mean? Dr. Stephen Seiler explores how your internal response to external load will change as you become fitter and more durable.

Workouts of the Week

Workout of the Week: The Overload Block

Workout of the Week: The Overload Block

This week’s Workout of the Week isn’t just one workout, but several. Are you ready?
Workout of the Week

Workout of the Week: Variable Workload VO2max Intervals 

Get the most out of your hardest efforts with this VO2max intervals bike set.
female cyclist riding bike

Workout of the Week: Slow Frequency Bike Reps

Build bike-specific strength—and improve your pedaling technique—with this big-gear workout.
Workout of the Week: The Big Stupid Ride

Workout of the Week: The Big Stupid Ride

This week’s Workout of the Week is a different one—it’s big, it’s stupid. The adventurers among you will love it.

Q&As with Coach Joe Friel

Joe Friel Craft of Coaching live Q&A discussion on How to Grow Your Coaching Business

The Craft of Coaching, Live Q&A: How to Grow Your Coaching Business

How many athletes should a coach take on? Many new coaches try to build their client list quickly, but it’s easy to trade effectiveness in the rush for scale.
How To Build Trust with Athletes

The Craft of Coaching, Live Q&A: How to Build Trust with Athletes

What’s the best way to handle an athlete who has a plan of their own? Joe Friel talks about the coach-athlete dynamic and how you can use doubt to strengthen the relationship.
Joe Friel Craft of Coaching live Q&A discussion on How to Avoid Coaching for Free

The Craft of Coaching, Live Q&A: How to Avoid Coaching for Free

Good intentions can lead many coaches to give away their time for free. It’s a costly mistake that will hurt your coaching business.
Joe Friel and Rob Pickels live Q&A discussion on how to manage Chronic Training Load

The Craft of Coaching, Live Q&A: Managing CTL

Coaches want to see CTL, or fitness, on the rise. But there are times in the season when CTL will go down. Joe Friel explains why this is critical.
Joe Friel and Rob Pickels live Q&A discussion of TSS training stress score

The Craft of Coaching, Live Q&A: How to Calculate TSS for Strength

Should strength sessions be factored into an athlete’s Training Stress Score? Joe Friel explains when and how to score cross-training.
Joe Friel and Rob Pickels live Q&A discussion on how to expand your coaching services

The Craft of Coaching, Live Q&A: How to Expand Your Coaching Services

Most coaches have additional expertise to offer their athletes as services, but there’s more than one way to grow your coaching business.

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Will Giving Up Alcohol Make You a Better Athlete?

Dry January seems to gain in popularity every year. But just what kind of an impact can abstaining from alcohol have on athletic performance? We find out.
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Performance Gains and Adaptations from Fasted Training, with Dr. Brian Carson  

We try to decipher if there are any advantages or disadvantages to occasionally exercising in a fasted state.
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Is Weight Management as Simple As Calories In, Calories Out? With Dr. Timothy Noakes

For decades, weight management has relied on an assumption: that manipulating calorie intake will predict weight gain or loss. But does it actually work?

Sport Psychology

track cyclist

Q&A on Annual Training Plans, Race Stress, and Body Image, with Julie Young

We’re joined by coach and athlete Julie Young who helps us field questions on how to build an annual training plan, coping with race stress, and overcoming body image issues.
two cyclists streak past

An Exploration of “Social Training Tools”

We explore whether Strava and other new training apps can make you faster, and how to effectively fit them into a structured training plan.
Fast Talk Laboratories

Bonus Q&A on Fasted Training, Goal Setting, and the Polarized Approach

We take on questions about training while fasted, goal–setting analysis, and have a discussion on the polarized training approach.

10-Week Training Plan For Marathon Nationals

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