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Is Cadence Work a Waste of Time?

While pros do a lot of both high- and low-cadence work, we talk with one of the top experts in the world on cadence, Dr. Ernst Hansen, about why the science isn’t so clear.

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Cycling training is a science and an art. How endurance athletes train, when they train, and the intensity and duration of that training all affect the gains and adaptations they see. Proper interval execution is essential to see the expected progress. How you analyze and interpret all that data is equally valuable. Of course, training needs to be planned so it fits into any given season, race schedule, and lifestyle. Off the bike, the importance of strength and conditioning is often neglected. This is training. This process is what athletes live for.
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Structured Workouts. Strength & Mobility. Core Exercises. Change up your workouts—and understand the how and why—with these Fast Talk Labs workouts. Our coaches and special guests share exercises and workout sessions to help you develop specific fitness adaptations.
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Workout of the Week: Stairs

Speedskaters run stairs to work the legs and build cardiovascular fitness. For runners, this workout builds leg strength and helps give you a more explosive stride.

A woman at the gym performing a deep squat with a kettlebell

Workout of the Week: Unlock Your Deep Squat

Not all squats are created equal. Learn if and when you should you be shooting for that “a** to grass” range of motion and follow this lower extremity mobility routine to improve the safety and depth of your squat.

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The Craft of Coaching

The Craft of Coaching is Joe Friel’s ultimate guide to becoming a better, more successful, and happier coach. Drawing from his 40-year career as the world’s most trusted cycling and triathlon coach, Friel shares the lessons he learned about athlete performance, the athlete-coach relationship, mastering the business side—and how to make coaching more rewarding. Follow The Craft of Coaching to accelerate your practice and save decades honing your craft. Joe Friel's guide for coaches is available to Unlimited Members and FREE to active, licensed USA Cycling Coaches. Please log in or join.
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Coaching endurance athletes is an art, a science, and a craft. We offer this selection of coaching-related articles, videos, workshops, and guides to help coaches begin to explore the support available for coaches through Fast Talk Labs. Contact us with your questions, clarifications, or requests at coaches@fasttalklabs.com.
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Sports Nutrition

Eating properly for the demands of endurance sports can be challenging. Without the right fuel, performance and recovery will be compromised. Learn how to master and implement a sports nutrition strategy that works for you, whether that’s during your workouts or races.
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Sport Psychology

Grit. Mental toughness. Resilience. Fitness isn’t what separates the elites. It’s their ability to suffer, to manage their attitude, and to know when to push and when to pull back. See what sport psychology methods high-level athletes use and which we can adopt during our own training and racing.
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Humans aren't machines—we're much more complicated. Exercise physiology involves changes in the body from exercise and rest. From anaerobic threshold to environmental acclimatization, from FTP to PGC-1 alpha, we explore the science of human performance.
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Dr. Stephen Seiler

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Joe Friel

Cycling and Triathlon Coach and Creator of The Craft of Coaching
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